Clackmannanshire Credit Union

A Credit Union is a financial co-operative, owned and managed by its members, which provides a secure facility for saving and access to affordable borrowing. But it is much more besides. It allows people to grasp control of their own financial affairs, building confidence, self esteem and this in turn positively affects whole families and communities.

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Who can join Clackmannanshire Credit Union?

Clackmannanshire Credit Union serves all people who live or work in Clackmannanshire, the city of Stirling or Kincardine (on Forth). Why not download the form and apply today?


Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The Hub, Whins Road, Alloa


Wednesday 15th March 2017, at 6pm

This year your Board of Directors intends to recommend a dividend of 1% at the AGM. Dividends are paid on the share balance and are calculated on the daily balance of shares. The dividend will only be paid if the AGM approves the recommendation and we therefore encourage as many members as possible to attend the AGM.



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